Because furniture can be extremely heavy to move, it should always be done with at least two people.  Unfortunately, this ideal situation isn’t always possible.  If you ever find yourself with an immediate need to move a piece of furniture, there are a few tips that will definitely help you stay safe and accomplish your goal.

Examine the Whole Situation- If Not Get Some Storage

Moving house on your own can be very difficult

Make sure that the piece of furniture that you’re moving is being relocated to a place that you actually want it to be.  It would be very frustrating and a big waste of time to move a big piece of furniture just to decide that you liked it better in its previous location.  Another aspect of inspecting the situation is to make sure that everything is a perfect fit through smaller spaces, if not, then you should be out looking for Melbourne storage units or local storage containers.  You would not want to start maneuvering a large piece of furniture and then, have it almost to its new location, finding out that it won’t fit through the last doorway. Then you’ll be looking for somewhere to store it and at the last minute, that will be stressful.

Disassemble if Necessary

Luckily, many different pieces of furniture can be taken it apart; making it somewhat easier to relocate a lot of different items.  Whether it’s a couch that has legs that can be taken off to fit through smaller places or a dresser that can be made lighter by removing the drawers, disassembling all types of furniture will help you in the process of storing furniture by yourself.

Use Moving Equipment to Help

commercial-removal-company.gifWhen you find yourself having to move furniture alone, various pieces of moving equipment like a dolly or sliders will prove to be your best friend.  If you have to move an item that is heavier than you can carry, it will be a big help being able to use a slider with wheels to simply push the piece of furniture to its new location.  Unfortunately, if stairs are involved you won’t be able to use anything on wheels.  In this case, the use of a dolly will allow you to move furniture from one floor to another.

Ways to Move Furniture

If you have to move a heavy or awkward piece of furniture, there a couple ways that will allow you to do so.  One of the most effective way to move things by yourself is to “walk it” to its new location.  This can be done by slowly moving and turning one end of the of the furniture its full length and then repeating the same motion on the opposite side.

Another useful moving technique to use, depending on the type of furniture that is being moved, is to tip it.  Obviously if the item is valuable or fragile, you will not want to use this method to prevent any damage.  If the piece of furniture is solid and can be tipped, this strategy will enable you to navigate through smaller areas or through spaces that are constructed with odd ales.  It’s important for you to know the areas that you re moving through regardless of how you will be moving furniture.

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